A Rich History

This week, we thought a reflection on the amazing artifacts of Cambodia’s rich history would be interesting.

A monument to the Prime Minister, located on the public square in front of his Mansion.
Pagoda are everywhere in Cambodia. A place where Buddhist Monks live and often host school classes. Cattle make there way up the street. Cows are often wandering through school yards and neighborhoods including health centers where babies are delivered, and wounds are dressed.
The ram is used to sound the bell. A rich deep sound that reverberates through the village.
One of many spots at the ‘Killing Fields’
One of many displays of the great horror that occurred during the Khmer Rouge in the late 70s
There was no end to the terror of the Khmer Rouge. More that a fourth of the population was murdered during this period.
Anciently, the land of Cambodia spread from India throughout most of South East Asia.
The ancient ruins of a great power of a bygone government
Extremely intricate carvings in stone are found in dozens of structures
Carvings on both sides of a bridge that serves as entry to one of the 7 wonders of the world. Anchor Wat
A profile of the towers of this beautiful structure, still standing after nearly a thousand years.

There are wonderful remnants of ancient history in Cambodia that are found in every province. The people are wonderful and kind. They smile at an acknowledgment and show respect to the older folks of society.

We have come to love the country and the culture. We have also come to gain even better perspective and appreciation for the freedom of our wonderful home country. The United States of America is a respected leader in South East Asia. The products of the US are valued and are seen as better quality than that from other countries. People watch the politics of our country. We value our nations history and legacy. We along with others regret mistakes of the past. We value the power of freedom and pray that freedom will prevail. We pray for all to listen to understand and to respect different opinions. Those freedoms do not exists in many other countries. Our friends in Cambodia envy the freedoms we enjoy here. May we always value those freedoms.

Happy 4th of July!

More to come…

Much love from

Elder & Sister Stone

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