What an Experience!

As we serve Sister Stone’s mother her in Utah, we have some time to contemplate the wonderful experiences of the past 18 months. What a ride! We will share a little bit with you this week.

We visited a vision surgical center in Phnom Penh in February. We met this wonderful doctor who has set up a clinic to serve the hundreds of needy people who have cataracts. He has slowly built the center to include modern surgical equipment, record keeping, rehab, and many other services for adults and children with vision problems. He has devoted his professional life to be here. Many dozens of locals have been trained on using diagnostic equipment and others have been trained in surgery and related responsibilities. We were there to check up on a donation of some eye equipment from LDSC Humanitarian.

We reflect on the amazing sights along the road as we traveled.

Water buffalo, often are found cooling off in a pond with only their nose sticking out of the muddy water. They are also used to pull carts as the farmer hauls freshly cut rice hay. They are also found taking care of their newborn calves.
Celebrating Christmas with the missionaries in Battambang. Never have I seen young people consume so much food. The young folks would not have a meal like this if they were home. It was a joyous time.
The unique and wonderful food we enjoyed there. These little river fish, deep fried right out of the river. Crispy and delicious, you eat the head to the tail, not cleaned. Really quite good. Usually dipped in a Spicy dipping sauce.
Mom and child staying at a temporary home. Their only place to stay, it is perched over a normally slow flowing stream. During the rainy season it is a fast moving current.
A member of the branch with her daughter, glad for a visit, working hard just to survive.
A wonderful visit with a senior member of the Sen Sok Branch
Some of the many people who have received wheelchairs.

We miss our experience in Cambodia. We feel we have left our family behind. Our contractors, the people at the schools and health centers, the members of the branches and wards, the missionaries, the culture and the challenge!

Friday was Sister Rasmussen’s 88th birthday. We celebrated with a neighborhood party that attracted dozens of friends and family. The support of the ward was amazing. She was reassured that she is well loved.

Sister Stone’s love and care has lifted her mother up and has given her more days to enjoy. She is now able to eat and has more strength. We so appreciate the support of the ward and family in helping improve her quality of life in her final days. We expect we may be here with her several more months. We will serve Cambodia in the mornings and evenings via computer, and serve her mom during the day or more as needed. We hope to return and finish our service, but we trust the Lord to lead the way.

We love our mission. We love our family. We appreciate all of our friends.

More to come…

Elder & Sister Stone

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  1. Hi you two wonderful Missionaries! I don’t know about the fish you ate….maybe. It is a real blessing to have you two helping these special people who have so little. Glad that DeeAnn is here to help her mother. We miss you both so much.
    Gordon & Arletta


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