We are delighted that our contractors are moving the projects along so well. This week, 2 more projects were completed. A hospital that received a new well and shower. And a primary school that received a hand wash sink for the children, an incinerator to burn the trash and water tower. So often the kids have no place to wash their hands. There is almost never toilet tissue, so sanitation is generally a big concern. Children are slowly getting clean water and a place to wash up.

This week another doctor couple received a call to serve in Cambodia. We hope to get back to the country to work with them.

A water tower gives the school water pressure to run latrines, and hand wash sinks.
A hand pump with a rusted well casing. Near total failure due to rust. The damage can allow vermin and other contaminants to enter the water source. This hand pump has a electric pump as well at a school.
After the repair
A new hand wash sink. The decorative tiles are a fun addition to the primary school sink.

This past week, we were able to join our grandkids at a piano recital. Wonderful music, great talent! It is a blessing to be able to enjoy some of our grandchildren’s highlights!

Folks here in our ward are so supportive of Sister Stone’s mother. This week will mark her 88th birthday. Her mother raised a wonderful family, and it will be a good experience to celebrate with her this week.

We so love our family. We appreciate the wonderful friends. We miss the people in Cambodia very much. Our hearts are still there as we work on the needs there and help with needs here. The Lord is mindful of all of His children.

More to come…

With all our love,

Elder & Sister Stone

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