On it goes!

We receive regular updates from our contractors as they work on the school projects there. Each of the schools has need for clean water, latrines and hand wash facilities. Each of the schools burns their waste on the school grounds, we are providing an incinerator to help minimize the burn scars, and to minimize the smoke generated.

Repairing a well that is rusting out. With the repair of the housing, it will keep dirt and debris from falling into the water source. Concrete will be filled in and the repair will be complete.
Foundation for a new water tower at Chamkar Leu High School
A zoom meeting with the doctors, the staff at Hong Kong, and the communications couple. Meetings are held regularly to coordinate the work in Cambodia. Hong Kong presides over 14 countries in the Asia area.

Our time here in Kaysville, is busy with doctor appointments, and picking up prescriptions. We have noticed that DeAnn’s mother is having a difficult time eating solid food. It is increasingly difficult to keep things down. Getting old is a difficult task. More difficult for some than others.

A typical Khmer toilet facility. The green barrel is full of water, the scoop is used to flush the toilet. One puts a foot on either side of and stands on the toilet and squats. There is no toilet paper, but a pressurized hose to rinse off with. We try to eliminate the barrels, and the mold that grows around them, but the custom is to use this toilet. Western toilets are very foreign to Cambodia. One does not sit to do their business. This picture is of one of several like it in a hospital we have been working with. Note that the hose to rinse with is broken. Folks improvise. We hope to get back and finish our work.
Our security guard at the service center is making music with Yorn Sophaneth, the purchasing agent at the service center. He is playing a traditional instrument.

Saturday, I went to my cousin’s funeral. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman. One of the older cousins, she lived a full life and raised two wonderful children. It is an interesting experience to age and spend time with relatives who are aging, and to share life stories with each other. I heard the voices of my grandmother and my aunt and uncle in the relatives that day. Reflecting on how we imprint on our children. The people I was with reflected so much of their folks.

I hope that the things I imprint on my family will be something to be proud of. I love my family. I love my children and grand children, they are some of the very best joys of my life.

Our prayers are for our family and for the people of Cambodia. We miss the land and the people.

More to come….

With great love,

Elder & Sister Stone


  1. The toilet situation is terrible there! I would fall off for sure…..oh my….we are so blessed here in America. Sorry, Deann, your mother is having such a difficult time. We pray it will get better for her.
    Gordon & Arletta Bates


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