Reflecting as we Serve

We are home now as we continue to serve and manage our projects from home. Calls and meetings in the mornings and evenings to coordinate with the folks in Cambodia and Hong Kong.

Sister Stone is working with her mother Berva Dee, a wonderful woman whose health has started to decline. DeAnn has taken her to Doctors appointments, and evaluated her needs. With a little care and conversation, her overall health has improved. Her quality of life has improved.

Joy between mother and daughter! Working on her needs and comfort. A woman who has devoted her life to her husband and children. A faithful saint. Like mother, Like Daughter.

As we serve her we have reflected on our time in Cambodia. We wait on the Lord as to how our service will be manifest. We see our time here as priority, and look for the day we might return and finish the work that is waiting there. We will go where He wants us to go.

Our reflections of Cambodia are full of love and appreciation to the many people who have worked with us. The people are magnificent.

We miss the beauty of the contryside
The beautiful rivers and jungles…so peaceful and lovely.
We miss the markets, teaming with fresh fish, vegetables and meats.
The amazing sunrises and sunsets…
The amazing people!

Fortunately we have been able to attend a grandson’s baptism, Alicia’s youngest, and soon a music recital for our son David’s children.

Attending a baptism! A wonderful family experience! Greg, (Alicia’s husband, Adam and Ben, (Grandsons) singing a beautiful hymn at the baptism.

We wish we could re-connect here with our wonderful friends, but our schedule is committed to Berva’s needs, and the contractors in Cambodia.

We love you all. We love our mission.

With great love,

Elder & Sister Stone

One comment

  1. We hope you can finish your Cambodia mission as it is so important. So many people there with needs both spiritual and earthly. Gordon & I both remember Berva Dee and glad that DeAnn is back to take care of her. Take care you two. Our love, Gordon & Arletta


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