Balancing Priorities

Lunch is cooking on the street. Aromatic, tempting and delicious. These little kiosks exist all over Cambodia. It is the mainstay of life.

What a week! Great things are continuing to unfold in Cambodia, Elder and Sister Sellers arrived and finished quarantine and are continuing the work that the Doctors have been doing in country. 11 new missionaries arrived and are quarantining. 2 of our projects are starting, and a well is already nearly complete. Our friend received his wheelchair on Monday.

An online mission meeting

Our interpreter Yon Monisak, arranged for the chair, bought him some new clothes, found out that he knew how to repair shoes. Monisak helped him to get the tools to repair shoes, and some shoe shine materials. Now, this homeless fellow, with a new way to move about can actually earn money to help himself. Just a few days previous, he literally lived on the street. He crawled where he needed to go, he begged for his food. Now because of our interpreter, he is on a more sure path. Our second friend has received mobility in as many weeks.

Our interpreter, and his gift to a brother in need. New clothes, tools to earn income, and a greater sense of security.
Outfitted with an awning over the chair to protect against sun and rain. On the back, a sign that indicates his services to fix and shine shoes and sell face masks. A huge step forward for him, thanks to the follow up of our interpreter.

A sudden turn this past week presented itself. It became apparent that Sister Stone’s mother was not doing well. A decision to return home to assist her needs, and to continue to serve our mission from home was made. We quickly made arrangements, and we were soon home. Sister Stone is where she needs to be. We continue to work with our contractors over the internet. We are able to serve her needs and to maintain our efforts abroad. We miss our contacts there. We appreciate the support from all of the people we work with. Our mission is a wonderful experience. We look forward to returning and making a difference.

Taking care.

We love our family. They are one of the crowning joys in our lives. We love our contacts in Cambodia. They have taught us so much and have humbled us. We love our friends here in the U.S.

Our love to you all.

More to come.


Elder & Sister Stone

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