Mother’s Day in Cambodia

Another week has come and gone. Last week we received clearance to proceed with a large food donation to the very needy people of Phnom Penh. There are many hundreds and hundreds of hungry people who have had no access to the markets, many have run out of money because they lived in a red zone. A red zone is where Covid is running high, and the government has locked down everything and everyone. As of Thursday, the government has relaxed some of the lockdowns. There are still many areas of need but things are slowly coming back to life. Our food donation will deliver Monday, and we will assist the government in distributing the food to the needy families on Tuesday.

A recipient of one of the wheelchairs LDSC provides. We regularly see people literally crawling on the street who need a wheelchair.
We see young and old with various needs. Cambodia could use many more couples to help meet basic needs of people. This picture was a gathering of about 50 people all in LDSC wheelchairs.
On this day this past week, a storm was brewing…
The sky was getting darker…
It got closer, and closer…
The wind started to pick up…
It started to sprinkle….
The lightening cracked..and it started to pour… The rain storms are beautiful, the rain is refreshing and warm…The dry countryside is starting to turn green again…

We have encountered shortages of some of the food supplies for our donation. We have a great team that is working out the details. Our rice supplier is bagging our order for over 1700 bags of rice, 25 Kg each, the supplier has said that our organization provides high quality rice. Other organizations have wanted the cheapest product to donate to the people. Sometimes the rice they acquire is spoiled or contaminated. Thankfully our church has a reputation of providing high quality for the people. We are excited to include soy sauce, fish, oil, and rice to the people.

Below is a news article about the ongoing Covid issues here.

We continue to hear reports of people that are hungry, and have no place to turn to for help. We are working hard to insure that our food will find the most needy people.

As of this week we can travel into the provinces. We leave for our hospitals in Takeo on Monday, come back to deliver food on Tuesday and Wednesday, and off to Svey Rieng on Thursday and Friday to review the many projects that are near completion there. We are delighted to keep our projects moving forward. We thank all those who have prayed for the relief here of the Covid. Your prayers have been answered!

People set up here and there to sell what they have. The meat is slaughtered early in the morning. The vegetables and fruit are currently hard to come by…the farmers have had a hard time getting their crops to the people.
The sweatshirt/hoodie does not mean it is cold…folks here often wear jackets and coats…today it was 90 degrees at 9:00 when we were shopping.
Fresh every day…
Buying mangos and limes for the coming week. Markets are slowly reopening. People are selling anything they can to eat…
A wonderful mother of 7 precious children. Happy Mother’s Day!
Hard working, Humble, Patient, Devoted, Wonderful!!
A blessing to have her as my wife, my children’s mother, and best friend…

To all of our children….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all of our dear friends, Happy Mother’s Day to you! We love you all..!

We love our mission. We are glad that things are moving forward again. The people here are so wonderful. The Lord is wonderful. He is indeed the redeemer of the world. We love you all.

More to come…

With all our Love…

Elder & Sister Stone

One comment

  1. Oh….so happy the food supply is getting better. Wonderful that out Church sends quality rice – I like that – only the best for these special people. And – the BEST couple are serving them. Loved all the pictures and you both look great and happy. Yes, Sister Stone, is one of the marvelous Mothers in my acquaintances. Orchards Ward was open to all of us today……A to Z. It was great to see so many of our Ward family friends and meet the new ones.
    Miss you both but so happy that you can help so many people and grateful you are staying well.
    Love from the Bates, Gordon & Arletta


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