Hope for the Future

Our quarantine continues. We hope it will be lifted Wednesday, but the signals don’t look encouraging. Infections continue to mount. We love our contractors, they can work somewhat in the provinces, so little by little our projects are being completed.

Our tutor for learning Khmer. Ammon Shurtz. A missionary who served here 3 years ago. Worked for us as a tutor before we came out, now is engaged. A great man! Congratulations Ammon!

On Friday, we received word that we have been requested to help provide food for 1300 families and to provide PPE to the medical community. Over the weekend we have gathered prices for rice, oil, soy sauce, canned fish, and noodles. We submitted our request this afternoon. We expect approval to occur this week, and then begin purchasing and organizing the distribution.

We will also provide PPE (personal protective equipment) for the medical teams that are providing vaccinations to the lockdown areas.

One of our village visits from a year ago. This is what rural Cambodia is like for so many. Peaceful and quiet. These people had received a well, we were there to be sure it was still functioning for them. There is so much need for wells in the provinces. We hope to get back on the road again soon. The thatch allows the breezes to flow through the home. They usually sleep and rest on elevated bamboo floors. The bamboo also allows for air flow.

Our concerns are for the people in the lockdown areas. Their markets are out of food. The people can not leave the lockdown areas, people are running out of food. Members of the church have called out, indicating that they have no food, and no food for their babies. We know it is a similar challenge for thousands of their neighbors. We hope our supplies can quickly get approved and then ordered and delivered. Our effort will be helpful, but the need is so great. We are fortunate to live in a zone that is more free to move about. We are able to find food, and travel now to the service center to work the emergency project.

Rambutan. A fruit that is in season now, kind of prickly, you peel the outer layer off and you have a slippery fruit with a pit in the center. Juicey and sweet, a little like the taste of a pear.

We are working with people high in the government. We hope that they can help get the food through the roadblocks and expedite the relief. We need your prayers that the system can work and that the needy people will get the food.

A handoff of food in our neighborhood. Rice is handed out to needy people. The government invites folks to come and receive the assistance. This is being done at a grocery store near our apartment.

Our efforts have been stifled these past weeks. We hope this emergency project will expedite. We pray for the Covid to lift, and for the welfare of the Cambodian people. We have so much to do, so much to accomplish.

Saturday service! The senior couples converged at the mission home to help President and Sister Lewis prepare for their upcoming departure. Cleaning multiple bathrooms, bedrooms, floors, and laundry. They leave the end of July, but they have many things to complete.

We love you all. We love our work. We are excited for the future and what can happen here. We see miracles even when things are locked down. May the Lord look after each of you, and may you feel His love as we do here.

With all our love

Elder and Sister Stone

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