Another Week of Quarantine

We are in our second week of a city wide shut down. We have stayed in our living quarters except to shop for a little produce. We walked to the market and found very little produce left. We learned that the following day, the police banished the vendors from the street market. The authorities continue to squeeze the markets down. We worry about how people are feeding themselves. So many only make enough money for the next days food. Most of the shops are closed. The malls are closed. There are only a few grocery stores are allowed to remain open. So many people are out of work. There is no unemployment here. There is no welfare check here. There is no rent subsidy. There is nothing to help the people. There have been a few very publicly displayed hand off locations for food. The vast majority of people appear not to have access to food. Time will tell.

President Eng, the Stake President of the North Stake. He is a business man, and is well respected by all here. He served his mission in Cambodia years ago. He speaks wonderful English. He has a wonderful wife and 4 boys.

We have received a few invoices this week from our contractors who have teams working out in the provinces. They are completing work as best they can, but the supplies they need have run out. Our projects are on hold. We also have 4 new contracts ready to sign. We just need permission to travel and get them signed so we can begin work.

We are praying for relief from the Covid, so we can continue the work we came to do. It is a beautiful country full of beautiful people. There is so much to do. We are saddened by the setbacks and the damage it is doing to the people. Please keep the people here in your prayers.

The rainy season has arrived. Nearly every afternoon, we are treated to a heavy downpour that can last 20 minutes or all afternoon. It is still in the 90s, and the rain is wet, but pleasant.
A photo taken by our security guard on Wednesday. The sky over the city had a large halo around the sun….

We miss our family. We miss the wonderful country we call home. Please realize the wonderful freedoms that you enjoy. Please remember that those freedoms came at great cost and sacrifice. The land of promise is a land truly flowing with milk and honey. There are many countries in the world who would greatly benefit from what we often take for granted.

We love you all. We miss you all. Sister Stone and I are enjoying our 43rd wedding anniversary today. We are delighted to be able to serve and to do what we are doing. We pray every day for you. We love you!

More to come….

Elder and Sister Stone

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  1. Happy Anniversary! You are definitely spending your day together. We are praying for those Cambodian families that need so much help. Thank you for the update. Gordon & Arletta


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