Covid and Projects

A great week has passed and we have been anticipating Easter weekend in Cambodia and anticipating our church’s General Conference. Today is Easter here in Cambodia, we delight in the wonderful feeling of life and renewal. Because large meetings and baptisms are cancelled for the time being here, we celebrated Easter with the missionaries serving in the North Stake last weekend. A small group, we joined with the mission in a joint zoom meeting, sang hymns, discussed the concepts of the atonement and the resurrection. We love the missionaries serving here. They are humble, kind and happy.

A new water tower receives water from a new well. It provides water pressure to the latrine and hand wash station for the Kampong Roling primary school. The school was about to be closed, but the current principal moved in and was determined to keep it open. In the past 2 years he has cleaned up the school, and made the school a more pleasant place for children to learn. We are so happy to be a part of his plans.
One of 4 schools we visited. 2 rooms, 50 kids, tin roof, really warm inside. No water source…
A dirt floor at the school of 50 children
Here we met with the principal of the above school. Notice the ornament on the left. It is a very common Buddhist element of worship and reverence for the deceased. Food is placed on the platform for the departed spirits. Notice the homes in the background, a common sight when we are far from the city. Also you can see an open well. Usually these wells are littered with leaves, bugs, dust and algae, but they are what they have.

We also spent this week traveling to see how existing projects are progressing and looked at several new locations that are requesting help. We traveled to the far reaches of Kampong Cham Province. We visited 4 schools that were at the end of dusty, bumpy roads. Each of the schools are located on the compound of a Pagoda. We found that only one of the three schools had a well. They have no water source. We are surprised that the conditions are so primitive. We thought we had seen it all. We hope our efforts will be approved and we can make a difference.

This school has a need for a well, latrine, hand wash and other things. There are over 1000 children at this school. In front of the school are a series of animal statues. They give the entry a fun school feel.
More fun statues at the school
There are many fun things we see at schools and in the communities.

For our Sabbath today, we have been joining conference. It is a blessing to join by our computer. It is in the middle of the night, but the spirit of conference is a joy. It is good to hear the music, and to hear the testimonies of the leaders of our faith.

We love our mission, we have many opportunities being presented to us. We do not have enough time to accomplish all that could be done. We are trying to prioritize our efforts. It is a challenging thing to determine what to do and what might be put aside. The Area Presidency would love to have couples come to work in this beautiful land. Drop us a line if you know someone who would be interested to come. The Church is starting to send missionaries here. Our next group of young missionaries arrive from the US on Friday.

We love you all, we keep you in our prayers.

With all of our love.

Elder & Sister Stone


  1. ?Oh… how we enjoyed your post! We read and viewed your pictures after conference yesterday. It is so wonderful that you can help all these children with their schools. We have had no idea how difficult it is there in Cambodia. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. We miss you. Love from your friends, Gordon & Arletta. ________________________________


    • Thank you Brother Gordon. We miss you and your wonderful wife. We miss the ward. We love the work we are doing here and hope we can keep moving in the face of the Covid here. Stay safe and healthy! We love you both.! Give our love to the ward.!


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