Baptisms and Contractors

A wonderful week of activity. We started the week with providing more emergency food to many of the people affected by the recent flooding. There are so many who have so little. It is a blessing to represent the members of the Church and to offer food because of generous donations that have been made. We are so appreciative of a loving Father in Heaven whom we serve here. He answers prayers, and miracles happen here over and over again.

Missionaries are kind and intuitive, they visit with a cousin who is attending the baptism of family.

We are aware of a fellow who started following an institute class on line. The class is taught in Phnom Penh, the young man is living in Ratankiri, a very far away province. There are no members there, and there is no meetings held there. He is so intrigued by the messages he learns in the online institute class, that when it is over, he teaches the concepts to his friends. He has a small group now that gather and hear him teach. He is taking what he learns and shares it each week. He is not a member, but he is sharing the Gospel as he learns it.

We went to a baptism yesterday at the North Stake, and had a wonderful meeting as several were baptized. This morning, we went to another baptism, and listen as the wonderful sister bore her testimony. We could not understand her, but we could feel her thoughts. Her feelings came through loud and clear.

More happy people! The Elders are so nervous!
Baptism at the North Stake. Sweet and wonderful people!

We are currently having Sacrament meeting in our apartment. The other 3 couples join us and we enjoy a few minutes together. Currently, the government wants folks to not gather in groups more than 20. So we miss meeting with our branches and wards. The mandate of minimal gathering has been extended from December 15, to January 15. We are hopeful that things can get resolved and back to normal then.

We have been anxious to start some new projects to the North and to the South of the city. Currently, we are waiting on new instructions regarding the contracts that we will use. We will be responsible to instigate the contract with the recipient and the contractor, and act as the control over quality and execution of the project. We look forward to moving forward, and have many more requests to work on.

An old incinerator that has been used at a rural hospital. It no longer works. We plan to replace it with a new one to help them eliminate the garbage that is accumulating on the property.

This coming week we leave for Battambang to celebrate Christmas with the missionaries serving there. The missionaries from Siem Reap will join us. We look forward to bringing cheer and gladness to share with them.

We love our work. We love the people. We love our assignment. We especially love our family! During this Christmas time, we think of you and keep you in our prayers. We miss and love all of our wonderful friends. We wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. May the Lord bless each of you through the coming year.

Below is a link which is all of the senior couples and the mission president and his wife, singing a Christmas hymn to be viewed on Christmas Eve by the missionaries. You get a sneak peak. It may make you smile, or even chuckle. We are not professional quality, but we love the hymn and the message. Merry Christmas from both of us!


Elder and Sister Stone