A week of some exciting things happening! In the Humanitarian area of the Church, we use a software called ‘Chas’, which stands for Church Humanitarian Software. The Church upgraded from a very old version to an updated one on November 1. As with any new software, there are bugs to work out. It is a large proposition, as it supports humanitarian missionaries around the world, over 800 users. Each area of the world has its own unique issues and needs. Various currencies, time zones, local laws, and customs are taken into account. Most of the couples have quickly gained access and have continued on. We were able to gain access on Wednesday! After a month of not being able to move our projects forward, we are in!! We are thrilled! We quickly moved to enter the pending projects into the system, on Friday, we were notified that 2 were approved. Another exciting day!! We are now really rolling and we are excited!

Keo Savan, of Mekong Wheelchairs. He spoke to us about being hearded out of their home in 1975 with thousands of others and marched into the countryside. Many died along the road on the march. They were told, it was safer in the country and only for three days. It was there that families were split up. Women one direction, men another direction and children a third direction. He eventually found his folks when he was 17.

Friday, we met with Keo Savan. He is the director of production at the Jesuit run Wheelchair organization here. Also known as Mekong Wheelchair. He is a wonderful humble man. We were together to sign our business agreement for the coming year. As we concluded, we asked him to tell us a little about himself. His response kept us riveted for the next 39 minutes as he described being 8 years old in 1975 when the Khmer Rouge entered the city. I have tried to attach the audio file of our conversation. No luck.

We are amazed at the beautiful, kind people we meet here. Mr Savan a quiet unassuming person, who has a passion for helping people to become mobile. He has seen so many become disabled due to land mines. He builds a wheelchair that utilizes a fine quality Cambodian hardwood. He runs his business on a shoestring and does what he needs to do to help as many people receive a wheel chair as possible.

Covid has taken a slight bump here, church is cancelled for two weeks, the young local missionaries are in lockdown. Monday, we are traveling again to Prey Veng to work on our water project at that hospital. Wednesday we travel to Takeo Province and work through Friday. We plan to visit 3 health centers, 2 of which need wells. We are anxious to bring water to them. We are really excited to move forward.

The stake president of the North Stake is working to post the Book of Mormon onto YOUTUBE. He has been posting it in Khmer and has completed up through Alma. It will bless the people of Cambodia, some who live in other parts of the world. Many can not read. Now they can click on the link and listen to it. A first! We are thrilled for the people.

Lotus flowers grow and bloom in the hundreds of ponds in Cambodia. The flower buds are picked and sold on roadsides for eating. As my daughter’s favorite flower, its roots sink into a dark and muddy mess, but supports a beautiful flower.

We have had much to do…we have much more to do… We miss our friends. We miss our family. We love you all. We love the Lord. We feel our time slipping by. We have no time to spare. Have a great week as you all plan and prepare for Christmas. Your notes to us are gifts from Heaven. They really are. We love you!! Merry Christmas!

More to come….

Elder and Sister Stone