Our week has been busy finalizing the details of our architectural drawings of our project items. We met with our new architect and finally finalized the details! We are elated. We have interviewed, reviewed and then after selecting, we have anxiously waited the final drafts which we reviewed Friday. Monday we get the BOQ, which is the bill of quantities. This is the set that we can get bids on, and after we get the bids, our projects are off to Hong Kong for approvals. We are excited.

Hospital staff at the hospital in Prea Veng. We have a major project to fix their water supply, and to repair the many broken restroom facilities.

We have met with missionaries and reviewed with them about how they enjoyed conference. It is an experience to visit with the local missionaries and realize that they are trying to follow conference in English. Many can barely carry a conversation. It is a challenging assignment to them to process so much so quickly.

Our Interpreter, Monisak, loves these delicacies. Fresh cooked bugs and spiders. Lightly roasted and salted. This is a cockroach, fresh and ready.
The second of two tempting morsels! They disappeared with a crunch and a smile.
The Sen Sok Elders Quorum President, coming to help us minister to families.

Another Baptism today in the South Stake. We were delighted today to visit members of the branch and fellowship the members. It has been raining all day, as we stepped out of the car, there was mud everywhere. We knew that our mission slip ons could handle gooey mud. It was a delightful adventure. We slipped off our shoes at the open door, and went in to visit. As our visit concluded, we turned to see two chickens standing nervously in the doorway, trying to stay out of the rain. They looked soggy and sad as they moved aside for us to leave. The people are so wonderful and happy. We love visiting with them in their homes.

Today’s baptism, the font had a slow leak, so when it came time, the water was knee deep. The Elders adapted and did a fine job!

We have a busy week ahead. We are delighted to be serving. We love you all. Happy birthday to all our grandkids this month!


Elder and Sister Stone