Conference and Contractors

Another busy week of proving out our preferred contractors and getting drawings that we can use going forward. We have found a few in a large group we have worked with that are anxious to help us and can be more efficient and cost effective. We feel so anxious to get to work. But each day brings a few new questions and a delay. We meet with our engineer Monday. We will fine tune our drawings, and make final arrangements to finally start bidding.

We have over a dozen potential projects we want to get started on. Our drawings will get us started, and over several weeks, the potential projects should finally get through the approval process and begin.

We have looked forward to conference. We determined to get up and watch the first two sessions. We snuck in a nap between sessions and went to the Toul Kork ward, then to a baptism of 4 young women, then to church with the Teuk Laak ward. We are enjoying the Women’s Sesssion, and tonight we look forward to the last two sessions. Today is Fast Sunday, and because of Covid, Conference will only be watched here at homes, not at church. Unfortunately many have no means to watch conference at their homes. We encourage you to listen if you have the opportunity. Our world needs the messages of patience, love hope and forgiveness.

A recently baptized family, from China, living in Cambodia, who found the missionaries on Facebook, missionaries in London. The elders in London taught them online, then passed them to the Cambodian missionaries, where they were baptized. Missionary work is now so flexible! They are a sweet family who love the Gospel!
4 new members of the church. To the left is the Bishop. Samnang is a busy man, wearing many hats. He was the key man in country to arrange for the Government to receive President Nelson last year. He is a key representative for the church here in all things government.
The sister missionaries are full of love and compassion. They teach with confidence and energy!
We met this little guy at the baptism, he walked into the room, stood in front of us and smiled…We said ‘how are you’, a smile burst forth and he said ‘good’! Then we said, I love your shirt, He immediately responded ‘I love you too!’ His smile was infectious, he continued to stand there as if we were a spectacle. (At our age, I guess we are!) His simple love and purity was heartwarming and never to be forgotten.

What wonderful counsel we have heard. So many talks that we have absorbed and enjoyed. They have buoyed us up and it gives us energy. We love our mission. We love the humble people of Cambodia. We look forward to the months ahead where we can begin to go to work and help the people in the villages. We have folks at home who are going through tough times. We love you and pray for you. God knows you and is mindful of all of His children. I know that this is true, we see His love manifest here over and over.

Have a great week!

More to come…


Elder and Sister Stone

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