Back To Cambodia!!

We have been home here in Kaysville since our return on March 1rst, and serving in the Layton Utah Mission. We recently received notice of our re-assignment to the Cambodian Mission. We are to report August 6th. After our arrival there, we will quarantine for 2 weeks and then begin again in our humanitarian mission. Our Covid 19 test came back NEGATIVE! We are clear to travel!

The past 5 months has been a totally unexpected experience. Sounds like life right? We worked with the Layton mission, staying mostly home bound and meeting by phone with the Sr Missionaries. We have also met with the Doctor missionaries on a weekly basis to monitor ongoing Cambodian projects and to stay connected until we all return.

Our bags are packed, we are excited to go and do. Our first project when we return is to dig new wells for two health centers. One of the wells is an open well that has sour and filthy water. It is used in the Health Center to clean wounds and clean instruments. The new wells will be clean and provide safe water to the communities. It is long overdue.

An open well at a health center in Kampong Cham, a new well will bring safe and sanitary water to the patients and staff.

We also are anxious to start a well project for an elementary school in the Kampong Cham Province. They use clay jars to filter their water, it is slow and requires a lot of attention. The new well will allow the children to access plenty of clean water. It will help to keep them from dehydrating, and provide a better learning experience while at school.

A dusty school yard in the dry season. We are anxious to return and dig a well for the children.

Already we have an appointment to meet with a WHO official when we return. WHO generally has a grasp of in country needs, and can help us focus on needs related to the flooding that usually occurs now during the rainy season. Many thousands of people live on the edge of the Mekong river, so, when the river rises as it does, it will displace many of the families. The river can rise 30 plus feet for weeks. We are looking forward to helping there and are anxious to get there and be cleared from quarantine.

Sunrise on the Mekong brings out the fishing boats, dredging barges, and water taxis. In the rainy season, it rises 30+ feet and floods vast areas, usually displacing the poorest people of the country. The rainy season starts in May and goes through October. Our Humanitarian office often gets requests to assist those victims of flooding with food and supplies.

We love each one of our family. We will miss them terribly. We trust in the Lord that He will send us to the folks in most need and that our efforts will be worth our absence from our loved ones. We love all of our friends and will miss them as well. Follow the Prophet, he knows the way. We love our Heavenly Father, we love Jesus Christ. We are committed to follow Him.

Monuments adorn the city streets commemorating independence and historical events.

More to come … when we land…!


Elder and Sister Stone