Our Easter Greeting!

While living in isolation, during the past several weeks, we have experienced many challenges. One of the challenges is being here in a land of plenty, just waiting, knowing that we have left things undone in a faraway land. We ponder about the people we have met. We think about the things that they hope for, that they pray and work toward.

The simple things of life like, toilet tissue are viewed there as a valuable commodity, even more so than here. The chapels there are left unlocked but a security guard is there day and night. Somehow, during the week, the paper towels and toilet tissue disappears. Consequently, the restrooms are rarely stocked. People come into the buildings, and take the paper…not because they need it… but because they can sell it for a few pennies and buy a little rice. It satisfies the hunger for a time.

Oft times people living on their own land, living in their modest home will be awakened in the night by thugs who chase them from their homes, set fire to their belongings, and round them up and drop them off and leave them in a rice field many miles from their home. Rich, entitled government officials have sold their land to their corrupt friends for development. Many Cambodians live in squalor because they have no redress to the government for the atrocities. People can be violated in many ways by self important robbers. The many stories there, break our hearts… the homeless orphaned children who beg in the streets break our hearts…We sit here far away unable to do what we were called to do.

Sister Stone and I are humbled at this Easter time, to know that we have a loving Heavenly Father. We have seen His hand in the lives of these wonderful people. His love for them is manifest over and over, as He has filled their hearts with comfort, peace and love. We have met people who have endured terrible hardships, yet they are sweet, loving and happy people. They still have insurmountable hardships, but those who have chosen Him find the ability to go on and to find joy in life.

We attach this video link to remind us of him this Easter Sunday. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing it…


We so much love God. We feel his love for our family, we feel his love for Cambodia, we realize he loves all His children regardless of what they believe. We realize that he loves those who hate Him and destroy what is good. He is the essence of true love. Praise Him on this Easter Morning. Thank God for Jesus Christ. Happy Easter To All !!


Elder & Sister Stone