Visiting the Hospitals/Health Centers in the Provinces

We have had another exciting week here! We are picking up on the projects that are underway here because of the previous mission couple. They left here last August. We are planning a trip soon to inspect wells that are completed and waiting for the final payment. Thankfully they had many things going on, and then there was a gap until we arrived. We are playing catch up.

Arrival of the new 440v/200amp generator

The Health Center in Prey Veng

Yesterday we traveled with one of the Doctor Missionaries to the village of Prey Veng to inspect a large generator that was being delivered to the Hospital there. The generator is needed because the old one no longer works. It is needed because the power goes out randomly and leaves the patients and the staff in a predicament, especially if there is a procedure going on.

We toured the hospital which is considered to be one of the top hospitals in its category level (2) in the country. We say many patients lying on beds with wood slats to lay on instead of mattresses or foam pads. We say 2 mothers with their babies who had delivered just the day before. In the hospitals here, family is expected to take care of the patients needs, the staff only administers IV, or a shot.

A little miracle again as we arrived here, Sister Stone had found some yarn and had been crocheting newborn hats and mittens for the nurseries. She had just finished her second set as we arrived… and she had the sweet experience to gift them to the new mothers!

A new baby and a gift!

Two happy mothers and a beautiful baby!

We also came across a young father with two boys waiting outside the delivery/operating room. His wife had barely delivered a new baby. The baby’s cries were strong and carried across the compound. His little family waited in the hallway, just around the corner. In the hospital, the windows don’t have glass, and there are no doors that close, everything is open and one can hear everything, because there is no privacy. His weary glances told the story of worry and concern for his wife and new child.

The new baby arrives!

A weary, anxious family waits

Our visit to the health center revealed a new delivery bed, also a water system there that no longer works, and two little squatty potties that were in dire need of cleaning. The potty is outside in an enclosed toilet room, a newly delivered mother must walk out of the clinic to use the potty. Here they are a porcelain hole in the floor, with a little flush type hose to rinse off with and to rinse things down the hole.

This toilet goes to a holding tank underneath, it is used to dispose of human tissue at the clinic

Fishing in Prey Veng

Displaced families in Prey Vang. Very little money or food.

Villager tending to the rice drying on the mats


The water system here as in most health centers are in poor shape. The reality of the need is taking shape and sinking in. People here live in very challenging circumstances.

Sabbath morning! We spoke in the International Branch here in Phnom Penh. People from Nairobi, Malawi, Korea, Pakistan, United States, Cambodia, and other countries. The branch is a bit fluid as some folks are here for a short time, some are working long term. We met a fellow in the Branch who is the brother of Elder Groberg (The Other Side of Heaven). His name is Lee, he is probably in his 70s. A wonderful gentleman. One of the members is here doing research on Autism here in Cambodia.

In our apartment building are people from China, Australia, and England. We met a fellow who is the Executive Business editor for the Phnom Penh Post. He arrived here after working in Africa for a period and expects to be here 4 years. We are delighted to be here and meet so many interesting people.

We have a driver who can get us where ever we need to be in the country. He also interprets, we share his services with the Doctors here. January is a crowded month of travel with us and the Doctors. We hope that everything to be done can fit in the days available.

We truly love the emails, WhatsApps and Marco Polos. We feel your love and your prayers. The Lord loves all of his children. We constantly seek His help, and are trying to be able to hear his promptings. We love you and pray for you!! We hope your new year is prosperous and filled with love and patience and understanding for all around you.


Elder & Sister Stone